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    Is it just me, or has there been an abnormal amount of major/serious injuries to star and/or key offensive players this season, especially so early in the year? Peterson, Keenan Allen, Woodhead, Abdullah, RGIII, McCown, D.Martin, just off the top of my head (no particular order, I'm sure there's more).

    And that's to say nothing of the key guys who started the year injured and/or are dealing with more minor ailments - Gronk, Charles, B.Marshall (Jets), Watkins, Eifert, Romo, Bridgewater, J.Stew, among many others.

    Is this a trend or just a coincidence? Or is this many injuries this early just normal and I've just never noticed before?

    My fantasy teams are getting decimated by injury on a weekly basis, and we're only two wks into the season! I dunno if I've just had better luck with injuries in the past and thus never really noticed, or if this is in-fact an abnormality, but if this keeps up, I'm not gonna have any of my drafted players left, lol. All my teams will be completely made up of injury replacements.

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    It's because of how they changed the offseason workouts and practices. These guys are getting hit much later than normal (usually in the offseason, but now maybe in a preseason game). This is what I've heard from Gruden on Mike & Mike.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FlyGuy78 View Post
    It's because of how they changed the offseason workouts and practices. These guys are getting hit much later than normal (usually in the offseason, but now maybe in a preseason game). This is what I've heard from Gruden on Mike & Mike.
    I'd be careful about implying a direct correlation between the two so early in the season. Quite frankly, we've had MANY weeks this bad in the past, countless in fact. You nor Gruden have even a shred of evidence to suggest that taking less hits throughout the preseason/training camp could somehow lead to more damage later. History doesn't support you guys at all.

    We do know that when people come back from long injuries or holdouts, their ligaments/muscles are much more stiff, and thus they easily experience tears or pulls. We've seen it countless times when guys hold out for money, come back and pull their hammy quickly by trying to jump right back in at full speed. Bosa, Dez, a ton of REALLY strong athletes have suffered because of this.

    BUT, that's not whats happening here. These guys are absolutely given every opportunity needed to stay in football shape. Getting rid of UNNECESSARY hits in the offseason/practice does not change that. They are arriving in great shape. To even suggest that AP might have torn his knee because he didn't take enough hits earlier is incredibly dumb, just to pick out a random injury. AP tore his knee because he tore his knee. Taking more hits in the offseason does NOT build up your meniscus strength, it only dwindles it quicker. Regular exercise/stretching for flexibility and intense workouts maintains meniscus strength. I'm pretty sure AP did a lot of both of those. The idea that his knee might have been less prepared to take a hit than prior years is really incredibly ignorant because you/Gruden are just pulling it out of your asses. It's like hearing your phone ring right before it rains and somehow concluding that it only rained because of your phone ringing. It was gonna rain anyway. Just because players are getting hurt after this rule change doesn't mean the rule change caused it. They were gonna get hurt anyway (This is football, after all). As long as you're still doing everything needed to stay in peak physical shape, taking less dangerous hits in the offseason can only be a good thing.

    If everyone in the NFL was breaking bones left and right it'd be one thing. Then you could suggest their bodies are literally weaker because we're seeing something we've never seen. But that's not what happening. What we got this week was a substantial number of tears, pulls, and sprains. We've seen them before, we'll see them again. Simple as that. It's not anything new, therefor no explanation is needed.

    The answer to you CHg would be, having injured players on your fantasy rosters absolutely does heighten our awareness of injuries. You hit it on the head. It always seems worse from that view.

    Gruden was a pretty good coach, but he's a shitty analyst, and he says whatever it takes to generate an interesting 5 minute segment. Suggesting that connection with the lack of evidence he has was incredibly irresponsible and now he's going to incite people to cry about a really good rule that increases player safety.
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    Yeah, I'm unaware of any kind of medical interaction where getting hit makes you more able to take hits later. If anything, it just meant more injury-prone players (which I think a good chunk of the guys mentioned tend to be) entered the season still-healthy.
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