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Thread: Black Sabbath's "13" thoughts...

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    Black Sabbath's "13" thoughts...

    Okay...let's start easy since there was a big discussion/argument about the single "God is Dead?" when I posted that...

    They made a mistake. I still don't think that's a bad song at all, but there is a very true complaint that it doesn't really go anywhere, and is kind of too slow. On the album it's fine, but as a single it's hard to sink your teeth into.

    And really, that's a shame, because there's a ton of stuff here to sink your teeth into.

    Frankly, the other 8 minute long track that starts the album off, "The End of the Beginning" would have been a much more interesting initial single. It's got stages of it that prod along very similarily to "God is Dead?", but unlike that song, this one ends up going places. There are tempo changes(the first one about 3:00 in), it picks up steam, there are high points, and Tony Iommi gets to do WAY more on guitar(the 2nd half of the song merits being the single for Iommi's work alone).

    After that, and "God is Dead?" take a while to get through...the album tightens up. They drift over 7 minutes a few more times, but for the most part the songs stay relatively concise from that point on.

    There's a "return" to the "Planet Caravan"-esque sound on the ballad "Zeitgeist", but for the most part this is fairly classic Sabbath.

    Lyrically the album's kind of all over the place, I've never thought Ozzy was a particularily ingenious writer, and it's more of the same here...there are some high points though("Methademic" from the deluxe edition bonus tracks sounds like it was written during his relapse and is very well done, and the song is one of the strongest on the entire album as well).

    If you're coming here looking for thrash and blinding speed and riffs, a) why? and b) nope.

    If you're coming here looking for a new Black Sabbath album made by 60 year olds who still have a pretty firm grip on who they are, what they do and how they do it...then by all means enjoy.

    It's not the best Sabbath album ever, it's just another one of many very good albums they've released. Up to you if that's enough for you.

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    My thoughts on this Sabbath album is that it is precisely what you'd expect out of a Black Sabbath album. It's got all the traits and characteristics of a Black Sabbath album. In my opinion, and I know I am in the vast majority because most people either like the Ozzy front Sabbath or the Dio fronted Sabbath, but m favorite Sabbath by far is the Tony Martin fronted Sabbath. That said, I like this album. I don't have a problem with the God is Dead track being the first single, as it is Sabbath in its truest form. Philly rock radio was all over the track. The thing that totally blew me away was week one totals 150k which in today's day and age is equivalent to platinum.
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    I dont mind this album at all. Really fucking solid. I hated God is Dead. It got better. Good write up Cayuga, I agree.

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