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    Alice In Chains' "The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here" thoughts...

    There's so much I'm still completely floored by as it relates to this CD.

    I sort of can't believe my favourite band growing up, after the death of the lead singer and(despite Jerry Cantrell's importance to the band) the identity of the band, Layne Staley, 13 years later reformed with a new vocalist.

    I can't believe he sounds as good as he does.

    I couldn't believe they were making a new seemed ill advised.

    I can't believe I ever thought the new CD was ill advised, because the new CD was incredible.

    And that brings us here. 2013. I can't believe I'm excited for a new Alice In Chains CD. I wasn't really for Black Gives Way To Blue, because I didn't think AIC would ever satisfy without Layne. They did.

    And here's the fun part...I can't believe they still manage to churn out truly great grunge music.

    All it takes is one listen to the opener, "Hollow", to realize that this is another song, and another CD, that belongs right alongside anything AIC has done in the past. It's classic, brutal, slow moving, dark grunge music.

    The real fun of the CD is it doesn't stay there though. Similar to BGWTB they do a bit of exploring. Never too far away, but willing to explore a bit. "Voices" sees them foray back into the "Nutshell"(or more recently from BGW "Your Decision") world of acoustics.

    In the inverse, "Phantom Limb" is inarguably the hardest thing the band has ever recorded, veering closer to full fledged heavy metal at times than grunge music.

    There's something for everyone, there's the haunting title track(especially the chorus, which Wiliam DuVall knocks out of the park: "I am wise and you don't know, a cloud is my home, only some get in, got a imaginary friend. The devil put dinosaurs here, Jesus don't like a queer. The devil put dinosaurs here, no problems with faith...just fear."

    I was a Layne Staley fan moreso than Kurt Cobain. So to me the following thought is blasphemous, but it needs to be said. When this whole thing first started, I didn't think AIC worked without Layne. Wiliam DuVall hasn't just filled in for Layne, he's carved his own name into the band. They're not just Alice In Chains with a new singer...they're William Duvall's Alice In Chains. Is it as good as Layne's version? Probably not at it's peak("Dirt" was the most intense album I can remember listening to, just a dark as fuck, bleak, hopeless album that gets so dark it goes to a place where Layne Staley sings "I want to taste dirty, a stinging pistol, in my mouth, on my tongue. I want you to scrape me from the walls, and go crazy like you've made me.") It likely remains the most raw, and best album they've made still, but DuVall's AIC is sure as hell better than basically anything in modern rock right now.

    17 years after Layne...that's good enough.

    Here's a link to "Hollow"

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    I remember when the first DuVall album came out. I was lucky enough to be in attendance for a listening party before its actual release. I was all about it. I witnessed them live in concert three times before tha album came out. Once wit Layne Staley back in the day when they opened up for Van Halen on their For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge tour. I the. Got a chance to see DuVall's AIC as you put it twice before the last album came out, once in a smaller enclosed venue and once at a larger outdoor venue. The smaller show was surreal. It was their first tour outside of a few straggler shows. They had a full set complete with an acoustic set and a 15 or s minute Layne tribute. Stunning, breathtaking, brilliant. The ginger show was the band in full gear, opening for Stone Temple Pilots. I loved both of those shows. I was waiting and looking forward to that last album. It did not disappoint at all. Fast forward to current....... The new single released. It picked up right where Alice left off. I was eagerly anticipating this disc. And again, love it just as much as anything they have ever released.

    That said, I have to disagree with labeling them grunge. They aren't grunge. Sure, they came from Seattle. Sure they were leaking during that era. They are more sludge then grunge if a label needs to be placed on them.

    There are few bands who find a formula and stick with it throughout there career... AC/DC is one, some would say Slayer is another....Alice found its formula, and even through the tragic passing of Layne has managed to stick with the formula, so when it's Alice, you know it's Alice.
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