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    New Killswitch Engage single...

    I think I've mentioned this before on this forum, but I'm a pretty huge fan of Killswitch Engage...or I was. "Alive or Just Breathing" is an exceptional CD, and I was hooked. They had a falling out with the lead singer at that time Jesse Leach and replaced him with Howard Jones. They then delivered one of my favourite metal CD's of recent memory(and definitely the best CD of the "metalcore" movement) with "The End of Heartache"

    They followed that up with a dissapointing when put against that framework, but still pretty good overall "As Daylight Dies"...and then followed that up with a pretty mediocre, forgettable self-titled disc, which had a few great tracks but suffered badly from Howard taking things down a road that I wasn't particularily happy to see them travelling down(the same road that All That Remains has gone down to horrifying results with their miserable last CD).

    Howard Jones is now gone from the band, and back in steps Jesse Leach. Saw them late last year in Toronto turing where they performed "Alive or Just Breathing" cover to cover with some other tracks sprinkled on the top and end of the show and they sounded great again. Was really excited to hear what they had in store with their new album, and it definitely didn't dissapoint.

    New single is just classic, vintage, "old school" Killswitch Engage. If this song is any indication, Jesse's gotten the band right back on track to being a force in the metal scene again, because this is everything I would have hoped it would be:

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