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Thread: Not Quite Year End Awards...

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    Not Quite Year End Awards...

    Realize it's not quite year-end yet, but I can't sleep and it's 3:00am, so might as well do these now...feel free to add your own winners(I figured I'd add movies/TV to this as well just because)

    Album of the Year: Testament's "Dark Roots of the Earth" - Frankly when I looked at what was coming out in 2012 I could have predicted this a long time ago, so it's surprising that it took me forever to actually decide if it had won in my mind. Deftones' "Koi Yo Nokan" is so goddamn great it's hard not to find it in this slot, but what can I say, I'm a metal fan at heart, and Dark Roots is another example of why Testament is just about the best in the world at what they do these days.

    Song of the Year: Deftones' "Rosemary" - It feels borderline blasphemous considering the song "Passenger" exists in their catalogue, but this might actually be my favourite song Deftones has ever made now. It's simply perfect. Deftones has been one of my favourite bands now for as long as I can remember, and a can't miss live show for ages, but with this song they really outdid themselves.

    Live Show of the Year: Tool @ Air Canada Center(January 25th) - Tool's another of those long time favourite bands I have a soft spot, but as good as they've been live at times, I've truthfully never been "wowed" by a show except for one other time which was a freak occurance where I saw them at the Molson Amphitheatre and it started to pour rain at the exact time Maynard was singing "Cuz I'm prayin' for rain" on "Aenema" which wasn't really them as much as I was merely wowed by the absurdity of that timing. That all changed when I walked into the Air Canada Center. From the moment they stepped on stage and opened with "Hooker With a Penis" which they haven't played in who knows how long, it became clear this was a different show. Same brilliant sound, but they finally decided to blow us away visually as well. The stage set-up with the monsterous amount of video screens/lazer lights and everything else they were using created just a staggering work of art to watch, and maybe the best live set I've ever seen.

    Best Movie of 2012: Argo - I really wanted to say "The Avengers" because I'm a huge nerd, and a huge Joss Whedon fan(although I guess those go hand in hand), but at the end of the day it's hard to say it's the best movie of the year. It was the most fun, and I'm so glad it did what it did and went as well as it did for him. But Argo was absolutely riveting for every single moment. I wasn't all that familiar with the story behind it, but I was absurdly captivated through the whole thing. People shit on Ben Affleck a lot, and I think that kind of shows the "pack mentality" of people. He was never a bad actor...he chose some shitty movies with shitty directors for his huge budget movies, and in turn they were as bad as he was. But the dude has quickly become as good a film-maker as there is in the world right now with now 3 consecutive massive successes directing...and oh ya, when he wants to, and has a good movie to work with, like in this film, he's still fully capable of turning in one hell of a performance.

    Best TV Show of 2012: Up in the air still since cable shows are starting to wind down..."Breaking Bad" was great as usual, but I'm tempted to say "Homeland", we'll see how Homeland plays out over their last 3 episodes. Also huge credit to "Louie" again, especially the 3-episode end-season arc about him taking over David Letterman's show was extraordinary. The quick scene with Jay Leno was spectacular TV.

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    Video Game: I must admit that The Secret World held my interest the longest this year, and gave me hope for the MMO genre. XCOM: Enemy Unknown was a close second for me.

    Movie: I'm holding off on giving this title out until I've had a chance to see Lincoln and The Hobbit.

    TV Show: I think I have to give this to The Newsroom this year. Limiting options to only network TV, I think I'd choose Touch. Canadian shows Lost Girl and Continuum appealed to my sci-fi tastes, though.
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    Friends of mine do this and always have such great, well thought out lists, but frankly I just don't get into that much new stuff to really give a fair judgement or have any one care about my opinion. I looked on itunes and I got like, 8 new albums this year.

    Album of the Year: The Front Bottoms - Self Titled. It's not technically proficient or polished in anyway, but it's rad.

    Live Show of the Year: If the whole thing counts, The Fest 11. It's a big punk music festival thing for 3 days at like 10 different venues in downtown gainesville, fl. If it has to be 1 show, the latterman reunion show there.

    Best Movie of 2012: I think I saw 1 movie in theaters this year, and it was a pretty big let down. I don't know.

    Best TV Show of 2012: Agree with everything you said. I'm still gonna go ahead and say Archer though because I don't think I laugh more at any other show.

    Video game of the year: I have not gotten far enough in Hitman to judge it, but I remember saying very early when the date was announced it'd probably be my GOTY. Borderlands 2 or Fez otherwise.
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    Movie of the Year - Hard for me not to give this one to Avengers. In terms of commercial success, everyone knew it was going to be a hit due to the success of the latest series of Marvel films(Iron Man, Iron Man 2, Thor, Captain America). I don't think anyone would have guess it would end up the #3 highest grossing film of all-time at the box office. Thats something truly remarkable, and in itself would be reason to give it MOTY honors. However, the film was also highly entertaining and simply put, they made it "work". Yes, the movie has its flaws, but most films do. Marvel has cemented the Avengers franchise in a way years ago nobody would have ever dreamed, and there will be a slew of sequels/spin-offs on the horizon. Obviously, there are a lot of other great movies that came out this year, but none made an impact like the Avengers.

    Biggest Surprises of the year(movies) - The Grey, Goon, Chronicle and Safety Not Guaranteed, films I had low expectations for that I really enjoyed and highly recommend.

    Biggest Disappointment of the Year(Movies) - Prometheus. Don't ask me why but I had huge expectations for this movie and was really, really disappointed. Huge let down. I will say, absolutely gorgeous visuals/cinematopgraphy, though.

    Biggest WTF moment in a movie 2012 - Watch "Killer Joe" and you'll see what I mean.

    Movies I've yet to see but on my "must see" list - Zero Dark Thirty, Lincoln(Daniel Day-Lewis is the fucking man), Argo, Django Unchained, The Master, Killing Them Softly, Silver Linings Playbook(the hype has me interested)

    TV show - Walking Dead. 'nuff said!

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    Beyond agreed with Prometheus, I was suckered in hard. I love Avengers, love Joss Whedon, and was unbelievably excited for that movie, and still Prometheus was the movie I was most eager for...Ridley Scott directing an Alien prequel? Should have been great. Looked pretty, but I fucking hated the movie. It's definitely not me over-reacting to say it's the most disapointed I've ever been leaving a movie theater.

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