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    Gwar !!

    7 of us went and OMFG what a show it was.

    Not as loud and unruly as I had anticipated but just enough mayhem to make it interesting.

    2 opening bands - Mensera and Mobile Death Camp were actually good - edge to Mensera.

    Mobile Death Camp had "MDC" hockey pucks for sale ......... I got 2 and while talking to the guy he said he sold more here than anywhere in Canada or elsewhere.

    Gwar show -------- second song they come out with some kind of wolf dog effigy - slit its throat and showerd the audience in its blood.

    Other beheadings and disembowlings .............. Obama - beheaded, Palin disembowled, Lady Gaga - breasts hacked off plus several chainsaw and sword battles amongst the band members.

    The encore took place during the middle of the show - Gwar walked off mid song ........ returned a few minutes later where Oderus declared "and for our encore I am going to pleasure myself and shower you all with my juices." They still continued to play for almost another hour after that. They closed with "You make me sick" and their version of some slow song under electric green lights.

    No joke - the Lincoln theater floor was 2 inches deep in fluid by nights end.

    Great antics and political satire from these guys ............ wish I could remember all the vocal rants by Oderus. I am sure I will recall after discussing with my friends tonight at the hockey game.

    One line - This song to all the Japanese who sucked up two atomic bombs so we could feel good about ourselves.

    ---- if you ever get a chance to see these guys make sure you go - its almost a bucket list type of thing.

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    I've never been to a Gwar show but wanted to...they must be getting pretty old as I remember them from when I was in high school!

    White Cowbell Oklahoma is high-energy show with a lot less gore but lots of chainsawing stuff!

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    Gwar is a f*cking riot... I caught them twice. Each show was different... The first time I saw them, they were less political but made fun of other bands, mostly glam metal... Nikki Sixx got beheaded... But then James Hetfield got a mic stand shoved through his stomach. The other show was all the pop princesses, Britney, Christina, Jessica... Good shit. The one show I left a bloody mess. The other show, I missed the jizz shower but got pissed on.

    Definitely...even if you don't like metal, Gwar is a show you have to check out for the theatrics and the insanity.
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