Somehow I like you guys. I think we'd get along. Carry on.
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I don't try to breach PC lines but the industry does this often these days in heavily feminist projects. Mad Max, Bridesmaids, the feminist movies get praised out of proportion for their empowerment of female leads (or first-time female producers in specific contexts, etc.). I have no strong objection to it, Hollywood is still a grossly misogynistic culture and it reflects in job opportunities in salaries, so I don't mind that we prop up the rare projects with mostly female teams. But it does make objectivity difficult to expect from reviewers, especially with big blockbusters, where a women lead+producer team being in charge of a 150 million dollar budget could cause disastrous consequences going forward for women if it doesn't perform well. There's almost a sense of responsibility by the film world to make sure Wonder Woman was a sensational hit or else risk setting women back even further in the industry. It would've been a long, long time before another $150m+ got handed to another female producer+lead team if this didn't work out superbly well. Now, its likely going to be a very short time before we see it again.

Additionally, nobody wants to be the critic accused of hating a movie because it featured the first producer+lead women pair or the first nearly all-women cast. Much like Bridesmaids, which has a shockingly high rotten tomatoes score of 95%, its simply better for ones critical career to just say "good movie" and move on. Save the hot takes for less controversial subjects.

I really doubt the movie is that much better than Suicide Squad or Batman vs Superman. DC has shown their style by now.
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Well, FWIW, I thought BvS was a lot better than most did and probably the same as SS, which I didn't like but didn't hate nearly as much as others. I would've given SS a 6.5 and BVS a 7.5 so to me I expect to think around an 8.0 of WW but we'll see. I certainly doubt I will grade it as highly as most of what I'm reading.

The best newish movies I've watched recently are Logan and John Wick 2. John Wick 2 is standard cookie cutter action fare but the fight choreography and atmosphere set it apart. Its as good as generic action films get. Logan was something special, though. Truly a departure from any standard super hero conventions and a uniquely gritty movie that easily ranks as one of the 3 best in the X-men universe which has some really strong competition for those top 3 spots (X2, First Class, Days of Future Past).

I also really enjoyed Skull Island, but have significant doubts regarding where Universal can take this Dark Universe.
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WW is easily an 8 for me. It's by far the best DC movie out there and is basically a Marvel version of the first Capt America movie which was fantastic. The only thing I didn't like in WW was Ares (the actor who played him needed to look more fearsome).

If Justice League is as good (I expect it will be better) than I'll be happy. I've come to the realization that comic movies will mostly never be as great as we hope they will but that doesn't mean they can't still be considered very good movies.