HI Rad League

  1. phaneuf6
    Just figured it'd be hard keeping a thread for the league on the first page of that stupidly cluttered fantasy hockey forum so we can try out this little feature.
  2. keyboard
    I wonder if I'll make the playoffs.
  3. moans
    Nice last minute deal, hopefully it gives me an extra boost down the line.
  4. moans
    also, thought I'd point out that Bill's bluejay gun is pointing at Kam, that's pretty hilarious.
  5. keyboard
    And judging from the direction of my body, he's already shot me dead. Kind of crazy how I snuck into that 6th spot at the end.
  6. phaneuf6
    Wow wtf, I posted at the beginning of the season saying I was ok with basement dwelling for the season with kam... Now he's winning in the finals?!
  7. King_Killah
    Oh snap.... This has been sitting in PM box for how long?? Hahaha... My bad for the delay in getting here!
  8. phaneuf6
    Hey guys check the Fantasy Hockey forum for next years logistics.
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