HI12 Keeper League

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  1. dw13
    This might be easier to talk a bit considering Yahoo! Groups now is full of spam.. and with the crap Chgor got, I don't want that happening again.
  2. Zangetsu
    Huh, didn't know this feature even existed. Looks like it could work nicely.
  3. dw13
    Well, I only knew from when I was in another one. Hopefully other people accept the invite, and we can use this for the time being, and then make a thread when we have 12.
  4. Dubz
    I suppose we could draft here...I prefer proboards but whatever you guys come up with is fine by me. Is it $20 for this league?
  5. dw13
    We could always use the Group page to draft, but it has been giving people problems and this seems reliable. Right now count it as free Dubzz because I want to fill the league out... but the goal is for it to be a $20 dollar league with 12 teams.

    If so:

    First: $160
    Second: $60
    Third: $20 (entry back)
  6. dw13
    Still waiting for Moans, Phaneuf and Katharsis to accept their invites to the group. That makes 8 of us. Chgor is your brother still in? That would make 9.

    Looking good in terms of quality of owners.
  7. szuturon
    i r in nows.
  8. chgorman
    I haven't asked my bro yet 'cause I was gonna let you guys try to fill the league on your own with the ppl you want in the league, but if you're struggling to get ppl on board then I can def ask my bro. Not sure he'll be interested, as he's more of a yty league type guy, but it won't hurt to ask.

    I'll email him today and see what he says.
  9. Katharsis
    Joined, ready to go whenever. I like the idea of a slow draft starting near the end/mid of August, once all the FA dust has finally settled. As long as we can keep on a 12 hour clock per pick, we should be able to fill it out in a week.
  10. dw13
    Yeah, the goal is an August draft. I want to get all 12 members in and we can talk about things such as a money entry, which I'm not completely sold on but I would do it if the league wants to.

    I also set the Farm team rules above, they are pretty cut and dry and I think that makes it easier to deal with but also fun.

    If anyone has any suggestions as far as the league goes, feel free to voice your opinion. We have all 8 in the group now, so not counting your brother Chgor, we need 4 more. If he joins, just 3.

    Also, after we get 12 and we draft, etc... I will start a topic on the Fantasy Hockey forum so we can just use that to discuss.

    Thanks guys
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