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10-10-2012, 10:16 PM
So, since this Survival league was decided in week 2, we hit the re-set button in week 4, so basically all teams are available. In fact the only two teams that are closed to me are the Baltimore Ravens and the New York Giants.

Not sure where to look this week..... I can make simple arguments for EVERY team. The #1 team picked is Atlanta Falcons. Although, I do firmly believe that the Falcons will beat the Raiders, the Raiders are coming off of a bye-week, the Falcons could be in a "look ahead" situation. I just can't see me taking the Raiders though. Tennessee vs. Pittsburgh, the Titans are bad. But the Steelers are ass on the road. Cleveland vs. Cincinnati. I actually like Cleveland here, possibly look for it in the KK's Picks thread, but Cleveland are 0-5. That said, like I just previously stated, I like Cleveland here. Dolphins vs. Rams. I might be leaning hard to take the Phins this week. The Dolphins have been in every game this year and rightfully could be 4-1 if they could have just finished their games. The Jets game came down to a late FG, the Arizona game came down to the end. On the other hand, the Rams have been right there also. Eagles vs. Lions. All of Philly Sports talk basically has this as an Eagles win already. The way I see it is, while the Eagles are good AFTER their bye-week, the Eagles are terrible the week BEFORE their bye-week. Couple that with Detroit NEEDS to win this game, Detroit is coming off of their bye-week, and I can't see anyone of the Eagles defense stopping Calvin Johnson or anyone of the Eagles D-line stopping Suh, I am calling a Detroit Lions OUTRIGHT win here. But, then again....the Lions have "underachieved" as compared to what was expected and I have that little ounce of doubt. Tampa Bay vs. Kansas City. The Buccs should beat the Chiefs. Charles has been a machine, but the Buccs run-defense has been equally a machine. I just don't like anything on the Tampa Bay offense. This is a perfect spot for Brady Quinn to steal/win the KC starting job away from Cassel. Ravens vs. Cowboys. Can't use the Ravens and certainly don't wanna use the Cowboys. Arizona vs. Buffalo. Well, Arizona is 4-1. And Buffalo did get whomped in 3 of their 5 weeks so far. I don't see Arizona shelling the Bills, but can't see the Bills rebounding against a strong AZ defense after the beating the Bill took last week. Seahawks vs. Patriots. The Seahawks DON'T have the replacements in their corner against the Pats. But, the Seahawks do have that damn 12th man. But, can I really pick against Tom Brady? San Francisco vs. NYG. I can't take the Giants, so I would have to look at the Niners if I was looking at this game. San Fran is strong. They already rolled one New Jersey team in the Jets on the road, now they get the other New Jersey team in the Giants at home. Difference is. The Giants can play whereas the Jets are just bad. Washington vs. Minnesota. This match-up would be easier if I knew what was up with RG3. Sounds like he is gonna play. If The Third was out, I would go with the Vikings hands down, even though Kirk Cousins looked OK when he stepped in. With The Third in there, he makes things happen. The Vikings are 4-1 for a reason. AP looks like he was never hurt. Harvin is the most complete player in the NFL right now. Rudolph the quiet TE stud. And their defense is pretty damn good. Houston vs. Green Bay. Green Bay NEEDS this game. Houston is the best team in the NFL, yes, I even have them slightly above Atlanta! San Diego Super Chargers vs. Denver. I like the Chargers. The Bolts have been disrespected. No one gives them the time of day, yet they put up offensive numbers comparible to the top teams in the NFL. Any team with Peyton can't be taken lightly.


What makes it most difficult is that there are a few shekels on this Survival pool.

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Well, I am certainly glad that I did NOT go with Pittsburgh......

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Haha good call...who did you go with?