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07-21-2012, 05:06 PM
team in my signature. players use NHL cap hits, you can keep RFA's, but you lose UFA's unless they sign before July 1st. My roster is trimmed down from guys I already lost, and I currently have 11 draft picks. Free agent market is almost always as thin as the NHL UFA market, plus some guys that aren't drafted because of bad contracts, breakout seasons, and what not.

Anyway, I did my 2nd year of tanking, placed last, and lost the draft lottery so I get bumped to 2nd. This is fine, since I'd prefer Yakupov to Parise and everyone is assuming that's who #1 is taking. We do not have separate majors/minors drafts anymore, so keep in mind quite a lot of prospects will be taken in the draft as well.

I needed goaltending badly, so I decided to approach the Neuvirth owner. Obviously my team has a lot of scrubs, so we had to make the deal bigger.

Right now it is likely finalized at

His Krejci (5.25m), Booth (4.25m), Neuvirth (1.15m, RFA next year), and his 4th (58th overall) for my B. Richards (6.67m), Turris (1.4m, RFA next year), and my 3rd (33rd overall)

This gives me both Neuvirth and Holtby for this year and saves me from having to draft a goalie unless it's too good to pass up. The absolute best would be Smith, but if he doesn't sign by July 1st I lose him after the year because of his contract. Harding would be the next best bet, along with Elliott, Brodeur, and uh..Khudobin (who I still might try for late). Since I'm definitely not using my 2nd overall on a goalie, it's pretty unlikely the competition will let Smith or any of those guys slip to #17 anyways. Assuming one of Holtby/Neuvirth is moved next year, that gives me 3 starters and hopefully a chance to win then, though I think I have a chance to make the playoffs this year if I draft well.

I know this is a long ass post, but thoughts? Neuvirth was the true goal, but I don't think Krejci is a large step down from Richards other than PPP. Booth I took on as basically a salary dump, but he could do well, and he's right up there with FA's I could draft with my #2 or 3 picks anyways most likely.

07-22-2012, 03:16 PM
Neuvirth would be excellent to have to go along with Holtby. I have a feeling Backstrom, OV and the whole team will be a lot better next year. I'm not a huge fan of booth, but you need wingers and he has great potential now that he's healthy. Turris has turned it around too and has upside as well and even though he's a lot cheaper and even though it sucks giving up Richards for Krejci, I would really consider pulling the trigger on this deal. Get rid of the picks though ;)

07-22-2012, 06:52 PM
Neuvirth was given many opportuinities to prove he had what it took to be an NHL starting goalie and couldn't manage it. WSH's defence is terrible but Holtby has secured his role as starter and I don't see Neuvirth taking it back this upcoming season.

I don't think this addresses your goaltending woes whatsoever.

07-22-2012, 08:47 PM
The biggest goaltending woe was starts. having imaginably 80 of Washington's starts and 40+ of Edmontons should be fine. In a league that has 16 teams (only 7 have 2 bonafide staters), 3 minimum starts, and minors teams with goalies on them they're hard to come by.

The only time he had a chance to be a clear started was the year before with Varlamov, and he had a better run the whole way. This situation will likely turn out the same way, and one will be showcased to move.

Backstrom, Howard, Lehtonen, and Smith are the only worthwhile UFA goalies next season (2-3 of which will probably get extensions prior), so I'd still likely have to find a goalie through trade. There is still a chance I draft one of the guys I mentioned, but it's unlikely they'll be there. Since you have signatures disabled, you can't really see how bad my team is. Other than Richards, Backstrom (wsh), Benn, Yandle, and Del Zotto are my only high rated assets.

07-23-2012, 09:17 AM
The price to get a "backup" goalie seems to high in my mind, but should also consider that you'd be in deep shit with your goalie situation. I'd also hate to loose Turris. The gap between Richards and Krejci is not that huge even though there is a good gap.

I would consider this:
Krejci (5.25m) < B. Richards (6.67m)
Neuvirth (1.15m, RFA next year) > NOTHING

But I don't think I would accept the original offer, but I see why you would:
Krejci (5.25m) < B. Richards (6.67m)
Booth (4.25m) < Turris (1.4m, RFA next year)
4th (58th overall) < 3rd (33rd overall)
Neuvirth (1.15m, RFA next year) > NOTHING

07-23-2012, 10:24 PM
I agree, not sure if it's something I'd consider in different leagues. With the Nash trade we changed the draft picks from 58th overall to 42 overall, but the rest of the deal is the same and I took it.

This is the way I would break it down
Richards >/= Krejci and Booth
Neuvirth, 3rd, = Turris, 3rd.

I don't doubt Richards skill but with how they play in NYR I can't see him getting higher than 82, if that. Krejci should be good for 60+. I lose a little bit on faceoffs and a little PPP. Booth should be good for 40+, but probably more since he should be healthy. I gain about 3m salary here, but it's cool since I have like 39m cap minus whatever Del Zotto/Benn sign for, so still around 29.

I put Turris in the same class of prospect as Neuvirth, but with Backstrom/Krejci/Ott/Holland/Benn at C he's expendable. They've had a lot of time to prove their worth, but have both been in questionable situations. 10 spots to move down isn't bad at all dealing from a position of strength for a position of weakness.

My 1st pick this year will be either Yakupov or Parise, whichever the #1 pick doesn't take. Since I don't need to take a goalie at 17 now I'll likely target Henrique, or perhaps Suter/Schultz/Faulk if they're are available, but all probably doubtful.

07-24-2012, 12:30 PM
So you will be comfortable with Dubnyk, Neuvirth and Holtby? I'd personnally be a little nervous, but I understand the goalie situation in your league.

If Neuvirth plays 50% or more you win the trade.

Good luck

07-24-2012, 10:46 PM
I think Holtby is ready

07-25-2012, 12:05 PM
Comfortable to get starts yeah, quality might be a little shady but I think Washington will do better than last year and Edmonton will take a big step. I'd say it's more of a little immediate help, lots of potential future help move. If a goalie leaves Washington next year to be a starter I'm banking, if not I'll still have 2 starters and a back up regardless unless one goes over seas or Edmonton brings in someone else after Khabi leaves.

Depending on how the draft goes I might offer a late pick for Khabibulin just to lock up ALL Edm/Wsh starts this year, but we'll see how it goes. Thanks for the input.