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I have an early day, so I won't have time to post them today unfortunately. I have job orientation on Monday, and then and after that days like this will probably become more abundant. Anybody that wants to take a crack at the rankings go for it, you're an intelligent bunch!


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Thanks Raja for keeping this thread going on a daily basis but if I had a choice for either a temporary or permanent replacement it's gotta be Bearcat that gets first dibs provided he has the time and or energy to do it....2nd in command for awhile now, off with the training wheels.

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Not sure that I could commit to doing this daily....I will do it today and will PM Raja about what he thinks he could do, perhaps we could share the duties...if not I may be able to give it a go...

Disclaimer: here is what I think are rankings for the goalies tonight...mostly based on my gut but I did look at the stats of the goalies and a bit af looking at what the team has done of late and the opponent...disagree = tell me why and I may change it...

Must Start

Ward @ Col: Dating back to January 3rd Ward has played 14 games and only once was his GAA above 3.00 and it was 3.05, start him with confidence against a Colorado team that struggles to score.

Good Start

Miller vs Dal: Have Miller and buffalo finally turned the corner? It looks that way...Miller has been very good in the past 5 games.....not a must start just yet though...having said that if I owned him I would start him with confidence tonight vs the stars and bachman...
Giggy vs Car: Giggy has been great in the last 3 games, 2.00. 1.03 & 1.85 GAA and really has been a pleasant suprise for the avs this season...they are coming up against the canes whom have been much better in 2012...
Lehtonen @ Buff: 4 wins out of his last 5 Lehtonen should be a good start...

Toss Up

Niemi vs Chi: Niemi has been up and down more than a yo yo of late.....3 SO's in his last 9 along with 5 games of GAA over 4.00...should be a great battle between him and CC.....
Hiller @ Det: In his last 15 games he has played extremly well with only with only 3 games with a GAA over 3.00, he would have been a good start for me but he is playing at Detroit..
MacDonald vs Anah: Joey has been great IMO, 2.00, 2.03 & 1.33 GAA for a red wing club will usually get you wins....the duckies have been much better of late however...

Weak Start

Crawford @ SJ: This is an important game for CC and I think he has a good performance tonight, he is however still a weak start IMO as the hawks are reeling badly.....if you take away his 2 GAA of over 6.00 in the past 9 games he has decent numbers....

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Miller..............vanek will play



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well done. after monday i guess i'll find out if I have a set schedule or if it changes weekly or whatever, but either way due to school and stuff I'm going to opt for morning shifts given the chance. If I'm not too tired/lazy I could probably start doing them at night again as well but we'll see.

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Another site I trust is saying Lehtonen will start for Dallas

02-10-2012, 05:40 PM
Another site I trust is saying Lehtonen will start for Dallas

true dat....the change has been made...I will bump Lehtonen up


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