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08-30-2011, 01:06 AM
I’ve been with this league for years, and it's a great league. Very deep teams, very knowledgeable and active managers make for some very good competition. Many of the managers are HI regulars (e.g., moans, nyrblue2, suckerpuncher, snipes) and a few former regulars as well (WW, MH93). Good guys.

Although I do enjoy the league, scheduling means that I'm going to have to try to chop down the number of teams I'm running this year. So if you like what you see, send me a PM and I'll let the one who'll taking over the team (not necessarily first-come-first-served) know and pass along the info to the ones running the league.


Roster Positions: 3 C, 2 LW, 2 RW, 3 D, 2 Util, 2G, 7 BN, 5 IR

Skater Stats: Goals (G), Assists (A), Plus/Minus (+/-), Penalty Minutes (PIM), Powerplay Goals (PPG), Powerplay Assists (PPA), Shorthanded Points (SHP), Game-Winning Goals (GWG), Shots on Goal (SOG), Faceoffs Won (FW)

Goalie Stats: Wins (W), Losses (L), Goals Against (GA), Shots Against (SA), Saves (SV), Shutouts (SHO)

Roster (presently the Ichiban Nation):
(You'll keep 18 including a max of 2 goalies)

Dan Boyle
Derick Brassard
Andrew Brunette
David Clarkson
Pascal Dupuis
Loui Eriksson
Valtteri Filppula
Michael Frolik
Marian Gaborik
Mike Green
Martin Havlat
Erik Karlsson
Vincent Lecavalier
Kris Letang
Zach Parise
Dustin Penner
Rich Peverley
Teddy Purcell
Stephane Robidas
James van Riemsdyk

Jaroslav Halak
Miikka Kiprusoff
Ondrej Pavelec
Jose Theodore

Brett MacLean, Jake Allen, Chris Kreider, Evgeni Grachev, Luca Caputi, Nino Niederreiter, Robin Lehner, Carter Ashton, Mikkel Boedker, (I think) Jonathan Bernier

Full Rules
Cold as Ice Dynasty Hockey - RULES

1 - Rule #1 is that you are required to read the rules. There will be no forgiveness afforded for those not “knowing.”

2 - We are playing Head to head. (12 teams)

A) We will play roto style Head to Head.

B) The only time this will change is IF Y! add points to its head to head format similar to that seen in fantasy football. This will require a vote.

3 - Roster spots:

A) The roster breakdown is as follows:

C - (3)
LW - (2)
RW - (2)
D - (3)
UTIL - (2)
G - (2)
BN - (7)

This breaks down to 14 starting slots and 7 bench spots for a total of 21 (Non IR) players per veteran team.

4 - Categories (10x6)

A) We will use 10 skating categories and 6 goaltending categories

The breakdown is as follows:





5) Max Moves

A) There will be a 50 move cap. Moves will include all FA pickups, waiver claims and Farm call ups.

B) (RATIFIED) ALL FREE AGENT player adds must go through the Y! game. If you want to add a prospect, this move must reflect on your VET roster before claiming a prospect FREE AGENT before sending him down to your farm team. This rule applies to in season FREE AGENT pickups only. (Changed from the previous rule where claiming a prospect without picking him up on your Y! team was allowed.)

C) The inclusion of moves in trades WILL be allowed. As with all trades, these can only be made up to and not after the trade deadline.

D) If a player gets sent down to the real life minors and is an NA(Non Active), you can send him down to the farm as well. This includes IF that player IS over the games limit. This will not be allowed for players who are on a suspension, bereavement leave or is not playing for personal issues. ONLY if that player is sent to the real life minors be it as a demotion or a conditioning stint.

E) Unlimited moves will be allowed after the Veteran/Prospect drafts and only up to and not after the start of the real life NHL season. All moves will be reset to 0(Zero) and will not be altered in anyway unless moves are included in a deal.

F) Streaming:

The whole idea of instituting a move “cap” is to limit streaming as much as possible. However, If a manager saves his moves until the playoffs, there will be no ill will administered to that owner if he decides to stream. EVERYONE has 50 moves to start with. It’s up to YOU how those moves are spared.

6) IR spots

A) We will use the maximum amount of IR spots Yahoo allows which is 5.

7) Playoffs

A) The top 6 teams will make the playoffs with the top 2 seeds receiving byes.

B) EVERYONE is fully expected to compete in the playoffs. Failure to do so will result in forfeiture of a draft pick to be determined. Any and all sanctions in this regard will be voted on by the league.

8) Drafting

A) We will be using the snake draft method for both the prospect draft(s) and for the veteran draft(s). This means the team with the #12 pick ends round one but, also, begins round #2. This will hold true for both inaugural drafts and for both subsequent drafts in the future.

B) The inaugural VETERAN draft is to be determined using a draft randomizer. This is only a one shot deal as the final standings(Including playoffs) will determine any and all future draft position.

C) The inaugural prospect draft will be an 8 player snake draft. The draft results will be the exact opposite of the veteran draft. Meaning, The team with pick # 1 will hold the #12 pick in the prospect draft and the team with the #12 pick in the veteran draft will hold the #1 pick in the prospect draft. This only holds true for inaugural drafting only.

D) All subsequent prospect drafts will be 2 rounds thus increasing the prospects/farm rosters to 10. But, only 8 farm players will be allowed to be kept.

E) Each team will be allowed a 12 hour max to make a draft pick. If you do not make your pick within the 12 hour limit, you will forfeit the round ENTIRELY. A pick will not be made for you unless you submit a list of players to the commissioner. This list is to be held in good faith and will not be opened until it is your pick. IF you do not make the pick requirement, that roster spot will remain empty until all drafts are completed. Then, you will be allowed to pick up any FA of your choice in order to fill the void(s).

F) Teams with back to back picks will not be allowed the 12 hour rule for their second of the back to back picks. Take your time. But, be reasonable. It’s all about courtesy.

G) Teams will receive their draft picks in reverse order of the final playoff standings. Meaning, The team that finishes 12th WILL have the 1st pick in both the 5 player VETERAN draft and the 1st pick of the prospect draft in ALL seasons to come after the inaugural Vet/prospect drafts.

9) Trading

A) All trades will be allowed unless it becomes CLEARLY obvious that a team is to quit the next year and decides to try and pull off collusion. People often need to rebuild in a dynasty setting. So, trades will appear lopsided at times. If we can’t trust each other then we should not play in a dynasty together.

B) Draft picks are allowed to be traded.

C) Moves are allowed to be traded.

D) Waiver priority is allowed to be traded.

E) Farm players are allowed to be traded.

F) Veteran players are allowed to be traded.

10) Keepers

A) Goalies

Each team will be allowed to keep 18 veteran keepers of his choice. However, there will be a 2 goalie cap. This means, no one can keep more than 2 goalies on his veteran roster under ANY circumstance. You are free to have as many goalies during the regular season as you see fit. But, again, you can only keep 2. This does not apply to the farm team, however.

B) Skaters

1) You can keep as many skaters as you like. Any amount of any position except goalie where there is a 2 goalie cap.

2) There is no time limit on how long you can keep any given player.

11) Farm Eligibility

A) The games limit for ALL farm players is at but not over 82 games played. The 82 game farm limit includes both goalies and skaters. Everyone at or under 82 games is prospect draft eligible and farm eligible.

B) There will not be an age limit.

C) Managers utilizing “RULE 5-D” will not be able to select that player(s) as farm keeper(s) under any circumstance.

D) The 2 goalie cap held for veterans does not apply for prospects where there will not be cap restriction imposed.

E) Players that eclipse the 82 farm limit while on your farm are allowed to be kept there during the season in which said player surpassed the games limit. If you call up said player, then you can no longer send that player to your farm as he's over the limit. If you do indeed keep that player on your farm the entire season, you then must make a decision, prior to the start of next season, in regards to you wanting to keep said player as a veteran or if you want to drop him outright.

12) KHL Rules(Or any other pro league a former NHL player may bolt to)

A) Players rights can be held by his teams owner provided he was already on that managers team BEFORE he bolted to the KHL.

B) “KHL rights players” will not be counted against your franchise limits.

C) KHL players who qualify as prospects will be allowed to be kept on the farm.

D) Players currently in the KHL CAN NOT be drafted unless said player qualifies as a prospect.

E) KHL players re-entering the NHL will be subject to waiver rules.

F) Players making their declaration to re-join the NHL during the off season will be eligible for the 5 round draft in that forthcoming year.

G) The above rules ARE NOT limited to the KHL only. This includes any and all leagues a player may join that is not NHL affiliated.

13) Minimum Goalie Starts

A) The minimum goalie starts per any given week are 3. If you do not reach this minimum requirement, you will forfeit all goalie categories which will result in wins for your opponent.

14) Consequences Regarding Using Another Managers Players

A) No using another managers prospect players. Again, go through all measures possible in an effort to avoid this from happening. I have thought of a punishment. 1 time results in a loss of 3 moves. 2 times a loss of 6 moves. 3 times, 10 moves. If you were to use that player and recieve points from him, that's 10 moves off top to go along with the other penalty. Meaning, if you score points with the player that does not belong to you, you will lose the amount of moves for adding the player AND 10 additional moves for scoring points or attempting to score points with said player.

B) If there is any slipup on my end or the original prospect owners end regarding the prospects status, we would then review the details and possibly relent from imposing any consequence.

C) Move punishments will CARRY OVER! Adding another managers prospect(s) but not having the moves left to pay your debt only means you will lose those moves going into the next season.

** Rule 10 Modification**

As voted on by the league last season, we will be keeping 18 veteran players instead of 16.

RULE 5.b Ratification (11/1/10)

Modified the rule to show that we have to add all FA pickups to our Y! teams before sending a player to the farm. I season only.

This rule took effect on Oct 7th, 2010 at the start of season 3

Added article 'E' to rule 11, 'Farm Eligibility.' (11/1/10

This rule explains what is and isn't allowed in regards to players over the farm eligibility while already on your farm.

This rule should have been posted in plain English prior to year 1 and has always been in effect.

League site: http://rockinfantasysports.proboards.com/index.cgi?board=dynastyhockey

08-31-2011, 09:25 PM

Anyone? I think this is a great opportunity for some of you who are looking for a deeper/more challenging league with knowledgeable owners. And for those of you who have been around HI for a while, you can catch up with WinnipegWingnut and MrHockey93 once again!