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Disclaimer: All of the following are based on my (hopefully) unbiased opinion and are in no way statistical fact. Factors going into my decisions include goalie skill, match up, career stats vs, and recent trends. How many goalies start reflects how much I write about them, usually. If you disagree about anything feel free to voice your opinion!

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Must Start
Thomas @OTT: Thomas has stopped 56 of his last 58. He's 18-8-2 with incredible numbers against the Sens.
Rinne @EDM: Rinne ended a 4 game losing streak, but still might slip down if he doesn't earn a few more soon. I see Nashville making the playoffs, so hopefully a hot run is ahead of us.
Luongo vs CLB: He's allowed 3 goals 3 times in his last 5 but is still playing well. Scheider wasn't moved so look for a split like it has been from now until next trade deadline, unless they move him in the off season.
Niemi vs COL: Niemi is on a 6 game win streak and still dominating. Only 1 west coast team has been him in his last 17 contests.

Good Start
Miller @NYR: Miller has gone 6 games now without allowing 3 goals. Unfortunately, he's only won 2 of them. Boyes isn't the long term answer offensively, but like most players moved he'll make an impact immediately, for a little while.
Kiprusoff @STL: Kipper is 17-5-2 against St.Louis with great numbers. He's also been pretty awesome, notching his 2nd shutout in 4 games (Against St.Louis too)
Lehtonen @PHX: In the last 3 games Lehtonen has only allowed 4 goals, against the hot New Jersey, Detroit, and Nashville. On the edge of a playoff spot and Richards still out, he'll need to play his best.
Bryzgalov vs DAL: Since his 8 game win streak, Bryzgalov has lost 2 in a row allowing 8 goals. They added Klesla and sent out Lepisto, and if he stays healthy I'd say that helps Bryzgalov's numbers slightly.

Toss Up
Lundqvist vs BUF: With Biron out for the season and NYR not getting another goalie, Lundy is in for quite a workload. He's normally a strong finisher, but that includes February and that didn't go as planned.
Vokoun @CAR: His last 2 games have been solid, but after the face lift the team had I'm not even sure who's left. I know Wideman and Allen got moved, but who replaced them?
Ward vs FLA: It's never good when you have poor career numbers against a division rival. He continues to struggle but still has flashes of brilliance.
Montoya @WSH: Montoya's stats have dropped nearly every game he's played in, but they're still solid. He allowed 3 goals on 22 shots against Washington last game.
Neuvirth vs NYI: Varlamov seems to be injured, so Neuvirth gets another chance to be the starter. He started off well and bounced back against the Islanders, who he's playing for a 3rd time. He's 2-0 with a 1.29gaa and .955sv% against them.
Price @ATL: Price is still looking to have 3 good starts in a row as he continues to struggle with consistency. No big moves at the deadline probably mean more of the same. He's played so many games, is he just tired?
Anderson vs BOS: I'm still waiting for him to crash back to earth, but if he was truly unmotivated and not trying in Colorado that might not happen. He's been great in all 4 Ottawa starts.
Bishop vs CGY: Who's backing up Bishop? Halak has to be back soon. He's played great in 3 games, and sucked in another.
S.Mason @VAN: I don't know how the Columbus goalie rotation works, but I think it's managed pretty poorly. Mason is letting in 3 goals or more every other game, and allowing 1 or less in the others. What's important is the wins at this point though.

Weak Start
Dubnyk vs NSH: Dubnyk has been all over the place, but is still letting in a ton of goals when he loses. He's stopped 76 of 79 shots hes faced against Nashville though, and shut them out last meeting.

Don't Start
C.Mason vs MTL: Mason played well and actually won against Toronto, which makes his stats look pretty good since he stopped 25 shots in the 45 minutes he played before that. I can't see it lasting long.
Elliott @SJS: The only thing that has changed for Elliott is the jersey he wears.

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Having trouble deciding....pick 2 please. I'm leaning towards Luongo and Thomas.

Thomas @ OTT
Luongo vs CLB
Niemi vs COL
Neuvirth vs NYI

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Having trouble deciding....pick 2 please. I'm leaning towards Luongo and Thomas.

Thomas @ OTT
Luongo vs CLB
Niemi vs COL
Neuvirth vs NYI


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Thanks Raja. Thanks for all your time and efforts too, you do a great job with the goalie thread! I check it every day.

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c mason






clemmenson vs ward











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ugh rask really? rask vs OTT or bryzgalov vs DAL?

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s mason


ward 23rd in a row

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@phlyer, thanks!

@kungfu, Bryzgalov.