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02-27-2011, 11:19 AM
Just have to say this:
CBC Hockey Night in Canada is my favorite TV of any sort period.:D

I grew up watching it every Saturday night since grade school. It was the only time I got the TV all to myself ('cause dad's more a football fan lol he did play college ball & coach high school so its all good)

When fuji & I lived in Metro Detroit, I made this great daisy chained multiple antenna with lots of copper wire to boost the signal so that we could get CBC there too.

Chilly_Willy and I now live in rural Ohio where most of the people don't even know they have the Blue Jackets in their own state. (They are still bitchin about LeBron):rolleyes:
Of course we can't get NHL Center Ice or NHLN since our cable isn't Comcast:dunno:
So we have to get most of our games on VS or our online subscription to GameCenter Live. (thank you fuji!)
we get the odd CBC or TSN game, but since most of the league is in the US most of the commentators are awful.

I'm dog/house sitting for my folks while they are in Mexico (lucky them escaping the 2 feet of snow!) and of course I took advantage of having CBC last night and watched both games :D:D

It really makes me realize how much the VS intermission coverage sucks.
& while the US coverage may have more advanced tech, the CBC camera operators do so much better at framing the game not zeroing in on the puck and panning back and forth really fast :shifty:
While I have noticed a slow improvement in US camera work, The commentary is still laughable :hahano:

I know some of you have issues with CBC coverage and/or some of the segments, but you really have a gem there. For a broadcast channel its pretty great.

I may be an American, but Hockey will always be Canadian!
& CBC HNIC will always be my favorite.

Back when Michiganders were complaining that the Wings were the 'Dead Things' I was watching the Oilers Dynasty years! Now it seems like everyone is a Red Wings fan, but since I grew up watching Canadian Hockey, I don't really have a favorite team.

I have favorite players and teams I prefer to watch, but CBC made me a tried and true pure Hockey Fanatic! Sometimes the best game on is the 2 worst teams playing each other! I just love the GAME!

Ok, off the soapbox now!

OH! I just remembered I will get to watch George Stroumboulopous (sp?) again too!

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02-27-2011, 05:08 PM
yeah, my loyalty is to CBC by a long country mile (or a Saskatchewan Km). Always has been, always will be. TSN better not steal the rights to Saturday when the contract is up or get some extra coverage come playoff time. That could start riots... Think about what TSN has been doing the last few years: First, i'll go way back when they acquired Dave Hodge (fair game, he was mistakingly fired). Then TSN steals the HNIC theme song... (again, fair game, the song became FA but still... come on!! ) and then TSN adds Chris Cuthbert who was a regular, a staple for CBC broadcasting.. keep biting TSN.

CBC was the first to go 3D. suck on that tsn... CBC, the real pioneers/ innovators.

I made this great daisy chained multiple antenna with lots of copper wire to boost the signal so that we could get CBC there too.

- thats cool..copper wire hey!? i have a similar story.. i was using a cable wire attached to a potato for an antenna. good old Science. It worked, it was free..it was outta control... the regular antenna was lost. On Saturday's I backed up the tv sound by using the radio (because CBC channel is broadcasted on the radio) and i could simulate a surround sound effect (extra sound from the back anyway). Only problem was the potato location with respect to clarity kept changing from week to week.., but i could get it pretty good. I called it the Potato Network. I also picked up Colbert, Jon Stewart and CSI episodes on another station. those were the best shows on.. 3 channels altogether, (1 was french)..

02-27-2011, 10:37 PM
@ 9 1 1 love the potato battery antenna that's awesome!

I really should have taken pictures, this antenna was truly a testament to determination and a work of art @ the same time

2 antennas 1 set of rabbit ears coiled full length and across the top gap daisy chained off a horizontally rotating TERK with both paddles edge wrapped with wire and cross wrapped the two paddles had a vertical loop component all connected to the tv via 25 ft coax cable to the dining table on an overturned milk cart w/ a metal pendant drop light over the table.

copper is awesome I love conductive metals!

03-01-2011, 09:51 AM
Your antenna outperformed that super mega receiver we got at best buy. We ended up taking it back.

The one antenna I tried to make sure contacted the light fixture over the table because it seemed to give it an extra boost.