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Disclaimer: All of the following are based on my (hopefully) unbiased opinion and are in no way statistical fact. Factors going into my decisions include goalie skill, match up, career stats vs, and recent trends. How many goalies start reflects how much I write about them, usually. If you disagree about anything feel free to voice your opinion!

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Must Start
Niemi @CGY: Niemi extended his win streak to 5, and 9 in his last 11. Since the new year he's been one of the best in the league.

Good Start
Bryzgalov @CLB: How many of you were super relieved when you found out Labarbera was in net for all 8 Lightning goals? Bryzgalov looks to continue his 8 game win streak tonight.
Fleury @CAR: Fleury is doing his best to keep his team in the game, as the offense certainly isn't. He's allowed 8 goals in his last 4 games, 3 of which went to OT. His sv% has been .921 or better in all of them.
Miller vs OTT: Right after I said it was Miller Lite time, I'm pretty sure he let in 7 goals, because that's just my luck. Since then though he's allowed 7 goals in his last 4, and somehow lost 3 of them because his team could only score 6.
C Hedberg @TBL: Even with Jersey was garbage, they still kicked Tampa's ass. Hedberg has been beyond incredible, winning 7 in a row and posting better numbers than both Niemi/Bryzgalov during their streaks.
Kiprusoff vs SJS: Is Karlsson ever going to get another start? Kipper has been on fire, going 10-2-2 in his last 14 with a near 2gaa and .930sv%.

Toss Up
Mason vs PHX: Mason is certainly making a turn around, but it's tough to say how long it will last. I think he'll improve a lot next season, but is being just 4 points out of the playoffs motivating the team that much more? Mason has won 6 of his last 7 and has 2 shutouts in that span. 3 of those games he's allowed 3 goals, however. Last year his February-April were phenomenal.
*C Neuvirth vs NYR: In the most recent B2B series, Varly won a game and Neuvirth won a game. Both goalies played well, and both goalies seem to be healthy, so I thought today was going to be a mess. Apparently Neuvirth has already been named starter, and if he wins again he could go on a tear.
Ward vs PIT: Ward is just 3-5-3 this month with a 2.88gaa, but his saving grace is his .914sv%. Not all that impressive, but it's much more telling of his skill level right now compared to his other numbers. The goalies who have .914 on the season have between a 2.58 and 2.7, while the players who have a 2.9~gaa have around .900 (except for Rask, who's another obvious example)
Anderson @BUF: Anderson is looking good, stopping 70 of 71 shots in a Sens uniform. Nearly all players have a hot streak once they get traded, so don't get too excited unless Ottawa adds some solid defense before the deadline. He apparently took a "maintenance" day off practice and Lehner hobbled off the ice, so who starts tonight is questionable.
Vokoun @CAR: This is the first month of the season that Vokoun has more losses than wins, and lower than a .921sv%. Clemmensen seems to be playing alright, so could trade rumors be getting on his nerves?
C Theodore @ANA: It wasn't too long ago Backstrom/Theo were splitting starts because of his poor play, but since he's taken the reigns again Theo has been getting dusty. He's been hit or miss statistically but he's picking up wins.
ANA goalie vs MIN: Ellis has been garbage, but picked up his play the last few games. Like Anderson, a change of scenery could do him well, as he never really got into a groove here in Tampa. If Emery starts keep a close eye on it, the recovery he's gone through is absolutely incredible. In 3 starts in the AHL (on the 2nd worst team) He posted a 2.62gaa but an impressive .925sv%.

Weak Start
Lundqvist @WSH: Where has the King's mojo gone? His great game against the Devils seems to be the exception recently, as he's allowed 3 or more in now 8 of his last 9.
Roloson @PHX: Roloson seemed to have an easy night, but it seems so often now that he lets in weak goals in the 3rd. He's 2-7-2 against the Devils, but a lot of that was probably as an Islander.
Bishop @EDM: Unless Halak is back, there's no real reason not to start Bishop on B2B games. Conklin hasn't stepped up in his place, even though that wasn't far out of reach to begin with.
Khabibulin vs STL: Khabi let in 4 goals against Minnesota. Nothing to see here, another crap game gets him sent down, if anyone even owns him anymore.

Don't Start
Pavelec vs FLA: Pavelec is 1-6-1, 3.65gaa, and .880sv% in his last 8. Last month he was 4-4-3 with a 3.25gaa and .908sv%. He's 4-1 with great stats against Florida though.

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ellis likely


mason likley


kipper likely

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Agree with Pavelec's rating. Man, what a freefall for him and that team.

Bob Clarke WAS My Hero
02-25-2011, 01:36 PM
I keep debating to pick up Hedberg for the handcuff, is this pretty much required? My goalies are Pavelec, Roloson, Brodeur and Hiller (IR)

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any word on halak yet?

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I keep debating to pick up Hedberg for the handcuff, is this pretty much required? My goalies are Pavelec, Roloson, Brodeur and Hiller (IR)

Really depends on league format. If it is not a keeper, I'd certainly consider dumping Pavelec

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vokoun vs pavelec

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Dubnyk -http://twitter.com/GenePrincipe/status/41194238309965824#

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confirmed niemi vs kipper