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02-17-2011, 08:22 AM
Disclaimer: All of the following are based on my (hopefully) unbiased opinion and are in no way statistical fact. Factors going into my decisions include goalie skill, match up, career stats vs, and recent trends. How many goalies start reflects how much I write about them, usually. If you disagree about anything feel free to voice your opinion!

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Must Start
Thomas @NYI: Thomas has let in 8 goals in his last 2 and 15 in his last 4, now would be a great time to snap out of the funk if NYI weren't scoring a ton of goals. Another bad start gives Rask a few more.
Luongo @NSH: Won 6 of his last 7, and allowed 3 goals last game but still ended up with a .912sv%.
Rinne vs VAN: He's been alternating great and meh starts, this time is supposed to be poor. The guy stopped 48 of 50 shots against San Jose and can't catch a break. It's not him that's inconsistent, it's the offense.
Niemi vs WSH: In an almost as impressive game, Niemi stopped 30 of 31 for the win against Nashville. His loss in Florida is excusable, but if Niitty doesn't return for some solid back up starts, how Niemi handles the workload will be something to keep an eye on.

Good Start
Price @EDM: After allowing 8 goals against Boston, Price has only allowed 2 goals on his last 59 shots. Even with the horrible game he's sporting a 2.44gaa and .919sv% in his last 6 thanks to 2 shutouts this month.
Bryzgalov vs ATL: Bryzgalov is on fire, winning 5 in a row. The first 2 were shutouts, and he's only allowed 2 each in the other 3.
C Bernier @NYR: Bernier's gone just 2-2 in his last 4 but with the Kings on a tear he's had good numbers in all of them. After an unexpected weak start to the season he seems to finally be adjusting to the NHL level.

Toss Up
Lundqvist vs LAK: Lundy has allowed 3 goals in 4 games straight and 4 goals once before that. He was pulled once and only has 1 win in that span.
C Howard @TBL: 4 starts of 6 have been good this month, but the other 2 were terrible. Good news is he's on the rise again; 13-3-0 on the road, and in 1 game against Tampa he shut them out.
Roloson vs DET: Roloson couldn't be more frustrating, could he? This includes the entire season, but in wins he's got an incredible 1.17gaa and .962sv%, and in losses an awful 3.85gaa and .874sv%. All goalies have splits radically far apart, but this is a wider spread than usual.
*Neuvirth @SJS: Neuvirth didn't do too well last night after coming in for Varly, but he did get the win. It'll be interesting to see who he goes with. 7 of his last 9 have been good, but the last one and yesterday make him questionable.

Weak Start
C Lawson vs BOS: In his last 85 minutes of play Lawson has been pretty solid, but even with NYI wins they allow quite a few goals. Lawson is #4 on the depth chart in NYI, but wouldn't be that high on any other team. Acquiring Smith or Leighton would be wise.
Pavelec @PHX: Where has Pavelec of old gone? How about Byfuglien? With Enstrom back his numbers should increase again, but he's been pretty bad in 5 of his last 6.

Don't Start
Khabibulin vs MON: Khabbi finally got a win, and it wasn't a fluke. How many before he wins again though?

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The WAS duo is killing me

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lundqvist likely

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rinne first off



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Which two to start for the following:

Luongo vs NAS, Roloson vs DET, Bernier vs NYR - leaning on Luongo and Bernier


Luongo vs NAS, Roloson vs DET, Lundqvist vs LA - leaning on Luongo and Lundqvist


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02-17-2011, 02:26 PM
Which two to start for the following:

Luongo vs NAS, Roloson vs DET, Bernier vs NYR - leaning on Luongo and Bernier


Luongo vs NAS, Roloson vs DET, Lundqvist vs LA - leaning on Luongo and Lundqvist


I agree all both accounts

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VogsCaps (http://twitter.com/#!/VogsCaps) Mike Vogel
Michal Neuvirth gets the call in goal tonight for the #Caps (http://twitter.com/#!/search?q=%23Caps). Same lineup; no Mike Green vs. Sharks. Green skating now at HP Pavilion.

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roloson expected



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I have both Bernier and Lundy, who has the better chance of winning tonight?

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Rask probable