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02-12-2011, 01:17 PM
I need to select keepers. It's a bit trickier than usual.

It's a 12 team H2H points league.

We have to keep 8 guys. For each player we keep we have to give up the next higher draft pick from where the player was drafted at the beginning of the season. And we can only keep players drafted after round 7.
FA pickups get the last available round spot. If 2 or more players have the same value they'll get the next free round value available.

Scoring for Batting Categories
1B - Singles 1 point
2B - Doubles 2 points
3B - Triples 3 points
BB - Walks (Batters) 1 point
CS - Caught Stealing -1 point
CSC - Caught Stealing by Catcher 1 point
DPT - Double Plays Turned 1 point
E - Errors -1 point
GDP - Ground Into Double Plays -1 point
HP - Hit by Pitch 1 point
HR - Home Runs 3 points
OFAST - OF Assists 1 point
PBC - Passed Balls by Catcher -1 point
R - Runs 1 point
RBI - Runs Batted In 1 point
SB - Stolen Bases 2 points

Scoring for Pitching Categories
B - Balks -1 point
BBI - Walks Issued (Pitchers) -1 point
BS - Blown Saves -3 points
CG - Complete Games 10 points
CGL - Complete Game Loss -5 points
ER - Earned Runs -2 points
HA - Hits Allowed -1 point
HB - Hit Batsmen -1 point
HD - Holds 3 points
INN - Innings 3 points
K - Strikeouts (Pitcher) 1 point
PKO - Pick Offs 1 point
QS - Quality Starts 5 points
S - Saves 5 points
W - Wins 5 points
WP - Wild Pitches -1 point

As you can see due to the scoring my keeper eligble players consist mostly of pitcher (with very good value). In the last years about 20 SP went in the first 5 rounds. And while everyone overpays on SP early on I pick batters to build a strong core knowing I have low risk high reward SP as my keepers already on my team.

I added last years points scored and the pick I'd have to give up in order to keep the player.

Napoli, Mike (1B,C) TEX - 397 Points - 12th Round
Rasmus, Colby (OF) STL - 430 Points - 21st Round
Weeks, Rickie (2B) MIL - 669 Points - FA

Wainwright, Adam (SP) STL - 803 Points - 6th Round
Lincecum, Tim (SP) SF - 622 Points - 19th Round
Danks, John (SP) CHW - 553 Points - 20th Round
Volquez, Edinson (SP) CIN - 148 Points - 20th Round
Anderson, Brett (SP) OAK - 299 Points - 21st Round
Strasburg, Stephen (SP) WAS - 232 Points - 21st Round
Pelfrey, Mike (SP) NYM - 452 Points - 22nd Round
Zimmermann, Jordan (SP) WAS - 58 Points - FA
Wood, Travis (SP) CIN - 273 Points - FA
Leake, Mike (SP) CIN - 270 Points - FA

Valverde, Jose (RP) DET - 262 Points - 10th Round
Aardsma, David (RP) SEA - 238 Points - 21st Round

I personally trend to keep Weeks, Wainwright, Anderson, Danks, Lincecum and Strasburg. Even if Waino cost me my 6th round pick I think he still has very good value. Last year he was 3rd overall in points scored for pithers only behind Doc (872) and King Felix (833). The 4th best pitcher was Jimenez wit 712 points.

For the other 2 spots it's a tough decison between Volquez, Zimmermann, Wood, Leake and Rasmus.
I know Strasburg is most likely out for the year but I just can't give him up. I also kept Volquez last despite him missing more than the first half of the season.

Who would your 8 choices be?

Thanks in advance.

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02-18-2011, 06:26 AM
Rasmus, Wainwright, Lincecum, Weeks, Volquez, Wood, Danks, Strasburg

02-24-2011, 04:36 AM
Thansk guys.

I guess keeping Waino now after his elbow blew out doesn't make much sense anymore, right?
He'd cost me a 6th rounder this year while doing nothing and a 5th rounder next year and even then he might not be ready.

02-24-2011, 08:22 AM
Without Strasberg i mighta said keep him, but having 2 major injury keepers like that isn't a great idea. I'd swap Wainwright for Zimmerman.