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Disclaimer: All of the following are based on my (hopefully) unbiased opinion and are in no way statistical fact. Factors going into my decisions include goalie skill, match up, career stats vs, and recent trends. How many goalies start reflects how much I write about them, usually. If you disagree about anything feel free to voice your opinion!

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Good Start
Niemi @WSH: Niemi is coming off a shutout against Boston after struggling for a few games. He's only played the Caps once, and lost in overtime.
*Neuvirth vs SJS: If Neuvirth played poorly the goaltending situation would be easier to read in Washington, but of course he gets a 26 save shutout. In his only game against the Sharks he let in 5 goals in regulation.
Fleury vs CLB: Despite not having Crosby or Malkin most of the time, Fleury has won 7 of his last 8, and played well in the shutout loss to Washington.
C Reimer @NYI: Reimer had his 2nd poor start in his very short career, and that's bound to happen as a rookie, and as a Leaf. If he struggles a few more times it would not be surprising to see him sent down and Gustavsson back up.
Poulin vs TOR: Another very young goalie playing well beyond expectations, I never thought I'd say NYI vs TOR would be interesting. These 2 goalies are another reason why drafting goalies too isn't as important anymore.
Miller @TBL: Miller is 9-3-1 in his last 13 and seems to have found his groove. His last 3 starts have all been .920sv% or higher. Honestly his schedule has been pretty easy over that span, so hopefully he still plays well against good competition.
C Roloson vs BUF: After winning 5 straight, Washington must have wanted revenge for being shutout twice. Roloson is 8-4-0 with the Lightning, half of his wins being shutouts, and all of his losses with 4 goals against or more to balance it out.

Toss Up
Ward @NJD: Ward has allowed 3 goals in 3 starts straight, but he's facing enough shots where his lowest sv% is still a decent .909. After a brutal start to January it finally seems like he's getting back on track.
C Hedberg vs CAR: The Devils cannot catch a break, as right when Brodeur began to play well again he gets hurt, but it doesn't seem too serious. Now that the team is better though, Hedberg will likely get some stat boosts as well.
C Vokoun vs STL: Vokoun's sv% has been great of course, but he's let in 3 or more in 7 of his last 9, and only won 3. His record is 13-10 against St.Louis, but his 1.93gaa and .929sv% are astounding.

Weak Start
C Mason @PIT: Mason has won 2 in a row, but one was a shutout and the other he let in 3 goals on just 26 shots. He's 1-1-1 against Pittsburgh, with terrible stats largely due to him letting in 4 goals in 16 minutes last time.

Don't Start
Halak @FLA: Not exactly the hardest competition, but Halak doesn't discriminate against who scores 4 goals on him. He won just 2 games of 10 last month, allowing 4 goals in 7. Hopefully he was playing injured the whole time so he can start playing like he did at the beginning of the year again.

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