View Full Version : dynasty keeper: Datsyuk, EJ for Oshie, Downie, Liles

01-26-2011, 04:13 PM
Just made a trade in my dynasty keeper league.

G, A, P, +/-, PIM, PPP, GWG, W, SV%, GAA, SO
No restrictions on how long you can keep a player
We start: C x 4, LW x 4, RW x 4, F x 4, D x 8, G x 3

I'm in 1st place(finished 1st in reg. season 2 yrs in a row, lost in semi's one year, won title last season) and all but 1 GM(last place team) is wanting to buy mode to try and win now.

I traded: Datsyuk, Erik Johnson, Tyler Kennedy, Seidenberg

for: Oshie, Downie, Liles, Umberger, 2011 2nd rounder (entry draft pick, should be between 12th and 15th overall)

Why did I do it? I'm concerned w/ Dats health moving forward and I wanted some more depth for the title run. Dats will be 33 in July and I have concerns about his durability moving forward. Seems the rule is in today's NHL, with very few exceptions, as a player ages he becomes more and more fragile. Dats has been playing against some pretty tough opposition and I worry about the wear and tear on his little body.

Meanwhile, Oshie has always been one of my favorite young players, and now that hes healthy and starting to get his timing back on the ice, I see him as a point per game player moving forward. Plus hes only 24. Downie will really help me in PIM and is only 23. I think we've yet to see Downie's best offensive seasons as well, hes only getting better and Marty is really rubbing off on him in Tampa.

I hate giving up EJ because I honestly believe within 3 years he'll be a top 3 fantasy defenseman but Liles is an upgrade now so i'll take that and deal with the consequences down the line.

I like Umberger's consistency, hes a solid depth player and I can use him at LW or C. I was going to drop Kennedy and Seidenberg this week so they're non-factors.

So the trade is really:

Dats, EJ
Liles, Oshie, Downie, Umberger and 2011 2nd(probably be around 12-15th overall pick)

my roster now:

C 8 + 1 IR
Steven Stamkos (http://admin.forecaster.ca/internal/hockey/player.cgi?6554) (TB) *Franchise Player
Matt Duchene (http://admin.forecaster.ca/internal/hockey/player.cgi?7276) (COL)
Henrik Zetterberg (http://admin.forecaster.ca/internal/hockey/player.cgi?2050) (DET)
TJ Oshie (http://admin.forecaster.ca/internal/hockey/player.cgi?5331) (STL)
Joe Pavelski (http://admin.forecaster.ca/internal/hockey/player.cgi?3405) (SJ)
Derek Roy (http://admin.forecaster.ca/internal/hockey/player.cgi?2162) (BUF) *IR
Rich Peverley (http://admin.forecaster.ca/internal/hockey/player.cgi?6005) (ATL)
Mike Santorelli (http://admin.forecaster.ca/internal/hockey/player.cgi?4779) (FLA)
Vladimir Sobotka (http://admin.forecaster.ca/internal/hockey/player.cgi?5383) (STL)

LW 8 + 1 IR
Milan Lucic (http://admin.forecaster.ca/internal/hockey/player.cgi?5769) (BOS)
James Neal (http://admin.forecaster.ca/internal/hockey/player.cgi?5322) (DAL)
Brenden Morrow (http://admin.forecaster.ca/internal/hockey/player.cgi?1108) (DAL)
Andrew Ladd (http://admin.forecaster.ca/internal/hockey/player.cgi?4409) (ATL)
Zach Parise (http://admin.forecaster.ca/internal/hockey/player.cgi?3508) (NJ) *Alternate Captain, IR
Ryan Malone (http://admin.forecaster.ca/internal/hockey/player.cgi?2918) (TB)
RJ Umberger (http://admin.forecaster.ca/internal/hockey/player.cgi?2503) (CLB)
Bryan Bickell (http://admin.forecaster.ca/internal/hockey/player.cgi?4509) (CHI)
Dan Carcillo (http://admin.forecaster.ca/internal/hockey/player.cgi?3567) (PHI)

RW 9
Martin St. Louis (http://admin.forecaster.ca/internal/hockey/player.cgi?669) (TB) *Captain
Loui Eriksson (http://admin.forecaster.ca/internal/hockey/player.cgi?3717) (DAL)
Marian Hossa (http://admin.forecaster.ca/internal/hockey/player.cgi?1098) (CHI)
Milan Hejduk (http://admin.forecaster.ca/internal/hockey/player.cgi?1413) (COL)
David Backes (http://admin.forecaster.ca/internal/hockey/player.cgi?3502) (STL)
Steve Downie (http://admin.forecaster.ca/internal/hockey/player.cgi?5180) (TB)
Chris Neil (http://admin.forecaster.ca/internal/hockey/player.cgi?1585) (OTW)
PA Parenteau (http://admin.forecaster.ca/internal/hockey/player.cgi?2515) (NYI)
Devin Setoguchi (http://admin.forecaster.ca/internal/hockey/player.cgi?4990) (SJ)

D 11
Zdeno Chara (http://admin.forecaster.ca/internal/hockey/player.cgi?28) (BOS) *Alternate Captain
Duncan Keith (http://admin.forecaster.ca/internal/hockey/player.cgi?2958) (CHI) *Alternate Captain
Drew Doughty (http://admin.forecaster.ca/internal/hockey/player.cgi?6495) (LA)
Nicklas Lidstrom (http://admin.forecaster.ca/internal/hockey/player.cgi?1496) (DET)
Shea Weber (http://admin.forecaster.ca/internal/hockey/player.cgi?3494) (NSH)
John-Michael Liles (http://admin.forecaster.ca/internal/hockey/player.cgi?2861) (COL)
Tyler Myers (http://admin.forecaster.ca/internal/hockey/player.cgi?6594) (BUF)
James Wisniewski (http://admin.forecaster.ca/internal/hockey/player.cgi?2291) (MON)
Marc Staal (http://admin.forecaster.ca/internal/hockey/player.cgi?4342) (NYR)
Stephane Robidas (http://admin.forecaster.ca/internal/hockey/player.cgi?493) (DAL)
Jason Demers (http://admin.forecaster.ca/internal/hockey/player.cgi?5601) (SJ)

G 6
Tim Thomas (http://admin.forecaster.ca/internal/hockey/player.cgi?1591) (BOS) | Tuukka Rask (http://admin.forecaster.ca/internal/hockey/player.cgi?4958) (BOS)
Henrik Lundqvist (http://admin.forecaster.ca/internal/hockey/player.cgi?2585) (NYR) | Marty Biron (http://admin.forecaster.ca/internal/hockey/player.cgi?125) (NYR)
Pekka Rinne (http://admin.forecaster.ca/internal/hockey/player.cgi?4905) (NSH) | Anders Lindback (http://admin.forecaster.ca/internal/hockey/player.cgi?6791) (NSH)

Prospects in the System

F 8
Brandon Sutter (http://admin.forecaster.ca/internal/hockey/player.cgi?6053) (CAR) 2007, 7.5 B, NHL
Ryan O'Reilly (http://admin.forecaster.ca/internal/hockey/player.cgi?7452) (COL) 2009, 7.0 C, NHL
Emerson Etem (http://admin.forecaster.ca/internal/hockey/player.cgi?7920) (ANH) 2010, 7.5 C, WHL
Carl Klingberg (http://admin.forecaster.ca/internal/hockey/player.cgi?7669) (ATL) 2009, 7.5 C, SEL
Christian Thomas (http://admin.forecaster.ca/internal/hockey/player.cgi?8358) (NYR) 2010, 7.0 C, OHL
Anton Rodin (http://admin.forecaster.ca/internal/hockey/player.cgi?7672) (VAN) 2009, 7.0 C, SEL
Charlie Coyle (http://admin.forecaster.ca/internal/hockey/player.cgi?7936) (SJ) 2010, 7.0 C, NCAA
Matt Martin (http://admin.forecaster.ca/internal/hockey/player.cgi?7101) (NYI) 2008, 6.5 D, NHL

D 6
Ian Cole (http://admin.forecaster.ca/internal/hockey/player.cgi?6277) (STL) 2007, 7.5 C, AHL
Philip Larsen (http://admin.forecaster.ca/internal/hockey/player.cgi?6553) (DAL) 2008, 7.5 C, SEL
Taylor Doherty (http://admin.forecaster.ca/internal/hockey/player.cgi?7429) (SJ) 2009, 7.0 D, OHL
David Warsofsky (http://admin.forecaster.ca/internal/hockey/player.cgi?6955) (BOS) 2008, 7.0 D, NCAA
Justin Faulk (http://admin.forecaster.ca/internal/hockey/player.cgi?7843) (CAR) 2010, 7.0 C, NCAA
Erik Gustafsson (http://admin.forecaster.ca/internal/hockey/player.cgi?6718) (PHI) n/a, 7.0 D, AHL

G 6
Kevin Poulin (http://admin.forecaster.ca/internal/hockey/player.cgi?6867) (NYI) 2008, 7.0 D, NHL
Nathan Lawson (http://admin.forecaster.ca/internal/hockey/player.cgi?5076) (NYI)
Dustin Tokarski (http://admin.forecaster.ca/internal/hockey/player.cgi?6031) (TB) 2008, 7.0 C, AHL
Cedrick Desjardins (http://admin.forecaster.ca/internal/hockey/player.cgi?4553) (TB) n/a, 6.5 C, AHL
Joni Ortio (http://admin.forecaster.ca/internal/hockey/player.cgi?7581) (CGY) 2009, 6.5 D, FIN
Mikko Koskinen (http://admin.forecaster.ca/internal/hockey/player.cgi?6768) (NYI) 2009, 7.0 D, AHL

01-26-2011, 07:35 PM
Solid looking team either way, but I think you could have done better.... but you did get the player YOU wanted so I guess thats all that really matters.

01-26-2011, 08:07 PM
Not a fan whatsoever. You're return on Datsyuk should have been much much better as he is still a 90+ point player. You lost the best player in the deal and got inconsistent (Liles) and unproven (Oshie) talent in return.

01-26-2011, 09:38 PM
Yeah well, I can understand why some wouldn't be a fan of the trade. I know what it takes to win in this league and while having Datsyuk is nice, the package of players I got will help me a lot more for this season and moving forward. Its safe to say I have the depth to deal a big point producer. Next season I'll have Parise + Derek Roy back...

Even without Parise & Roy in the lineup, and missing Hossa in spurts, plus Datsyuk being out, I'm sitting in 1st place right now. My team has won 3 weeks, lost 1 week, a combined score of 29-13(thats since Dats has been out). So I haven't exactly been "missing" him from the lineup, necessarily. Now in a league this size with over 600 players taken, it can be very tough to find help when one of your starters goes down. Its all about the depth. I'm pretty confident I made my team better for the rest of the season and years to come.